Hi there! I am Michelle.

I began my journey to reversing Type 2 diabetes while I was still in my teens. As a young adult, I remember telling my doctor during a routine checkup that my wounds were not healing very well. Cuts and scrapes that would normally have vanished within a few days were lingering for weeks. When he heard this, the doctor asked me if I was diabetic, or if there was any history of diabetes in my family. This was truly shocking to me, because the fact was that a strong genetic propensity towards diabetes runs in my family. My grandfather and father were both diabetic (my father died at the early age of 44 as a result of diabetic complications during surgery) and my mother has had to endure amputations as a result of her own diabetes.

Needless to say, the horrific shock of his implication that I might already be suffering the early stages of a diabetic condition prompted me to make drastic changes. The realization that I could actually face something as gruesome and extreme as amputation motivated me to consciously eat a healthy diet. I eliminated all processed foods and anything that could be considered “junk.” From these changes alone I noticed significant improvements in my health and vitality, but I still didn’t feel as though I had completely escaped from the genetic fate awaiting me. After 6 months, the doctor assessed the state of my health and was amazed. My blood work was the best he had ever seen in any patient, and there was no longer any trace of pre-diabetes or any symptoms such as slow healing. I have continued to test and monitor my B12 levels and my overall health, with nothing but excellent results. The difference in my appearance, my energy, my mentality, and my emotions has been massive. 

My success was not something that happened overnight.  Along the way there have been setbacks and learning experiences. It took me many years before I discovered the strategies that helped me reverse my diabetic symptoms for good. 

My purpose and passion in life is to share the strategies I discovered and help you reverse your Type 2 diabetic symptoms.

Incorporate the right strategies not restrictions.

My philosophy

My personal mission is “To inform, inspire and equip you, so that you can be freed from the obstacles that prevent you from realizing your health and wellness goals.”

Background Highlights

• Experience based knowledge of workplace health & wellness program design, delivery and measurement
• Serving people to realize their potential of achieving personal, career and health goals
• Results-oriented Facilitator with the ability to drive change while managing various stakeholder expectations


Excellent listener, creative, organized, detail oriented, motivated, innovator, collaborator, analytical, big picture thinker and adaptable.

The greatest gift you can offer the world is a healthy you!

My Résumé


  • Masters in Education & Curriculum Planning, Simon Fraser University – 2016
  • University Teaching and Learning Certificate, Simon Fraser University – 2015
  • BC Provincial Instructors Diploma,Vancouver Community College – 2010
  • Fine Arts Techniques, Emily Carr University, 2009

Productivity & Performance

  • Enhance Your Productivity & Performance – 2010-Current

    In this workshop I teach management and staff, how to collapse disempowering behaviours and habits to improve productivity and enhance performance. So that the organization can be more productive and profitable.

Health & Wellness

  • Reverse Your Diabetes With Healthy Food Choices – 2010-Current

    In this workshop participant will discover how to
  • take action to reverse diabetes in simple, inexpensive and non-intrusive ways. 
  • Feel energetic, loose excess weight and lower blood pressure.
  • Create low fat, delicious, nutritious meals suitable for those with nut and gluten allergies.

Food Addiction & Recovery

  • Go From Stuck To Unstoppable – 2010 – Current

    This one day workshop is designed to help young and mature adults to quit addictive, disempowering behaviors and habits, such as smoking, drinking and over-eating, to manifest positive change.

Publications: Books I have authored:

  • Type 2 Diabetes Is A Choice
  • Healthy Footprints
  • Conscious Cuisine
  • Savory Macarons
  • Savory Cookies

Publications I have co-authored:

  • Health Promoting Universities: Shifting from health education to social innovation.Fourth Edition. Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc. Toronto. 2017
    Coauthored a book chapter with Ardiles P, Hutchinson C, Stanton A, Dhaliwal R, Aslan M and Black T. In Rootman I, Dupéré S, Pederson A, and Dupéré, S.

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