Energy only comes from deep sleep, which is the charger for our battery (nervous system) if you will. When the body is trying to accomplish something that requires this nerve energy we become tired, like eating heavy foods, emoting, cleaning house or detox, and we have to wait until it’s finished, there is no set time and this process is completely individual.

The nervous system is like a bank account that you’ve been drawing on since you were born but probably haven’t been depositing into since you were 12. So you’re overdrawn on your account, it takes time to get the funds back. Be patient, when you feel tired lighten the load by eating only a couple or one type of fruit that day. Make the digestive task easy so you aren’t spending so much nerve energy in that area.

Your body has its own agenda and doesn’t care one iota as to yours. As far as lethargy goes, when one starts to change to a less stimulating lifestyle one tends to get in touch with a low level of fatigue that lies present within the nervous system. Regarding a healing response as a sign of sickness when in fact it is a sign of health. It means your body has the vitality to try and heal, whereas most people consume diets that leave them in a state with so little vital energy they “never get sick”. Their bodies don’t even try to throw off the poisons anymore and they wind up with cancer or whatever else they get. You are healthy, just be patient and make the task easy.

And remember you’ll never stop detoxing. We are detoxing and retoxing every second of every day, there is no such thing as totally clean. Even our own cellular waste is toxic. The point is to keep it as minimal as possible.

Michelle Aslan

Frequently, when I have mentioned to someone that perhaps they may be suffering certain issues due to hydration, they say to me,

“Oh, but I can’t possibly be dehydrated! I’m drinking all day long! I start my day with a big cup of coffee to get me pepped up, then I almost always stop on the way to work to pick up a mocha latte. By the time I arrive at my job, my bladder is ready to burst. While I sit at my desk, I like to drink green tea before lunch. With lunch, of course, I always enjoy a nice, cool milkshake or soda pop, or sometimes a tall glass of iced tea. Then at home, with dinner, I usually enjoy a glass of wine or two (because I heard on the radio that it was healthy). If it’s really hot out, a nice, cold beer is usually just what I need. Often before bed, I even have a glass of hot chocolate or, if it’s hot, a nice iced coffee. Basically, I’m drinking all day! If you think I’m dehydrated, you must be crazy!”

What they don’t realize, of course, is that alcohol and caffeine are actually extremely dehydrating, so even though they might be throwing down waterfalls of booze, soda, and caffeine down their gullets, and even though a glass of beer looks cool and refreshing after a hike in the desert, these beverages will result in a net water loss at the end of the day.

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