Health & Wellness Workshops

The health and wellness workshops I conduct are all geared towards reversing diabetic symptoms. I focus on increasing your vitality, improving your gut health, and bringing back sanity in dealing with diabetic symptoms. The healthy cuisine workshops are focused on incorporating culturally appropriate healthy fiber, whole sprouted grains and fermented foods in your diet. You will also discover how to make healthy cultures to create your own natural probiotics at home. During the workshops, I give alternatives for gluten, dairy and nut allergies.

Incorporate the right strategies, to reverse your diabetes and these strategies will enable you to live your life’s purpose.

Strategies & Resources To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Wellness Workshop

Sustainable productivity & performance in the work place.

Healthy Cuisine Workshop

Strategies to incorporate a healthy diet in your lifestyle

Growing Healthy Cultures

For better immune support.

Go from Stuck to Unstoppable!

Recover from food addictions.

Growing Healthy Cultures

Through this workshop you will learn how to make delicious probiotics like Kombucha, water Kefir and coconut milk Kefir. You will be provided with a live scooby to take home. This workshop will help you to discover how to make delicious healthy variations of probiotics at home.

Savory Sourdough Goodies…

In this workshop you will discover how to transform conventional pastries in to delicious healthy treats. Sourdough becomes more bio-available through fermentation. When you attend the workshop you get to sample and take some goodies home.

Cultured Sourdough Baking…

Most baked goods that are produced commercially are not health sustaining long term. As they contain too much sugar, butter, and undigestible flour. Sustainable baking is about creating delicious, sugar, dairy and gluten free alternatives that taste good and are easy to digest. 

The amazing thing about cultured sourdough baking is that the carbohydrates are pre-digested during the process of culturing and the nutrients are made more bioavailable. The lactic acid in sourdough slows down the rate at which glucose is released in the blood stream. And also lowers the cultured baked good’s glycemic index.

What’s unique about cultured baking is that there is no baking soda, baking powder, sugar, commercial yeast or corn starch used in any of the baked goods.!

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